Dorothy McCarty is a dynamic individual based in the bustling city of Riverside, CA. She currently holds the position of Manager at Picasso auto body shop Riverside, where she manages a team of highly skilled individuals and ensures exceptional customer service. Her educational background is impressive, with a Master of Business Administration from the esteemed University of California, Riverside.

Aside from her professional achievements, Dorothy is an avid chess player, an ardent reader, and a talented writer who enjoys putting her thoughts down on paper. Cooking up a storm in the kitchen is also one of her favorite pastimes, and she loves to experiment with different flavors and ingredients. Her love for exploring new places has taken her to various corners of the world, and she finds pleasure in immersing herself in new cultures.
But beneath Dorothy's professional accolades and hobbies lies a warm, kind-hearted individual with a contagious smile, who always goes above and beyond to help others. Her generosity and compassion are evident in her interactions with her team, customers, and peers, and her commitment to excellence is unwavering.